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Literary Fiction, General & Genre - Wot R Ye Distinctions?

Genre Snobs...

Help! Help with a word/expression.

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Introduced with impeccably literary prose. Ahem.

"Sooooooooo much literary fiction I get in the old query inbox is plotless. It's just a character musing about the vagaries and eccentricities of everyday existence. The prose is lush, the character detailed, but one problem – absolutely nothing is happening and thus it's (forgive me) extremely boring. Good literary fiction has a plot."

- Nathan Bransford (literary agent)

I love a good literary novel. But not if it is the size of a doorstep, and I don't read on Kindle for pleasure. It's still got to be a book.

I hope to be haunted afterwards, or left with pebbles in my mind to turn over, to be considered at leisure. This does not mean I want to read rambling, meandering witterings of 'stream of consciousness'.
I still expect architecture and momentum with stakes to be won or lost, or at least left in fine balance.

Fiction is an artifice for telling truths but what's left out paints the picture as much as what goes in.

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When actor sprog met 'Depp.'

Ariane meets Depp.JPG

Not open for further replies.

Genre Snobs...

Help! Help with a word/expression.