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What I thought I’d written: 'Three bikers entered the bank armed with handguns, bandanas concealing their faces.' What I’d actually typed: 'Three bikers entered the bank armed with handguns, bananas concealing their faces.' D’oh!
Have spent all day at the hospital. Turns out my hubby had a stroke :(
Props to our antipodean Litopians for getting up to join us live at crazy o’clock, not just for Pop-Ups but also for last night’s first Huddle. Their contributions were brilliant & sheer motivation a lesson to us all :)
Note to Self for the next Huddle: either lock Self into a closed room, or set Self up outdoors in the rain, or better: feed cat first. If not, cat will pester and try to jump up onto the keyboard at most inconvenient moments or worse, cat will try to chew comp cables while Self desperately attempts to figure out how to use a mic. Just as well mic didn't work. Miaou miaou miaou ...