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On today's Pop-Ups there's YA fantasy from Andrew; Humorous Women's Fiction from Rachel; YA Alternate History Adventure from Andrew; Superhero fiction from ST; Horror/thriller from Matt and fantasy from Pete.
@AgentPete, what's the situation with copyright about postings that any of us make on the Colony? As I contemplate what to do with my five novels, I'm considering way of self-promotion, including re-activating my dormant WordPress blog, and it would be helpful to use some of the posts I uploaded to the Colony.
Absolutely your copyright! You can do anything you want with your past posts. All you do here is give Litopia permission to show them here (I think this is irrevocable, 'cos pulling down posts from backups etc is nearly impossible, and if we have to restore from a backup, something we'd previously pulled down might easily go back up again).
On today's Pop-Ups there's a murder mystery from Haydn, speculative fiction from Anirudh, a self-help memoir from Sona, horror/noir from Samuel, a thriller from Steve and new adult from Teriah. Join us live at 6pm!