1. MonoZero

    Satire and Genres

    From a publisher / agent's perspective is satire considered a genre or a sub genre? For example, if Animal Farm were published today, how would publishers see it in the marketplace? Do books which aren't written to market, or that straddle genres face challenges being picked up?
  2. Rich.

    How do you roof it without any scaffolding?

    You've heard that infernal (non-)debate, right? Are you a plotter or pantser? Are you someone who plans your story, or do you discover it as you write? I say it's a non-debate because I'd bet the farm that almost every writer employs both strategies, often simultaneously. Every artform has...
  3. Rich.

    Give me a genre, I'll raise you a trope

    From trope NOUN 1 A figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression. ‘both clothes and illness became tropes for new attitudes toward the self’ ‘my sense that philosophy has become barren is a recurrent trope of modern philosophy’ ‘perhaps it is a mistake to use tropes...
  4. Rich.

    What's the state of Fantasy Fiction?

    Hi everyone, I was hoping, once again, to pick your brains. This one's for the fantasy fans. In your opinion, who are the big names in fantasy these days, what kind of stories are selling, and what does the future hold for the genre? I can google all this and do my own research (which I...
  5. Katie-Ellen

    Literary Fiction, General & Genre - Wot R Ye Distinctions?

    Introduced with impeccably literary prose. Ahem. "Sooooooooo much literary fiction I get in the old query inbox is plotless. It's just a character musing about the vagaries and eccentricities of everyday existence. The prose is lush, the character detailed, but one problem – absolutely nothing...
  6. Chase Gamwell

    Your genre

    I joined Litopia with a firm grasp on what I perceived my preferred genre to be - Science Fiction. Now that I'm part of a community that is helping me to grow and develop, I'm finding myself branching out into other genres and writing styles (thanks daily flash fiction!). This year, I decided...