1. B

    Hello fellow writers

    Hello fellow creatives. I'm writing from New Zealand and have recently completed my 2nd draft of my non fiction memoir novel. The book’s working title is Do Good Be Good: A sharp-witted tale from a female Aid worker. I have written three drafts to date and the book is currently 120,000 words...
  2. wendy maryla

    Greetings from Wendy

    Hello, I've just joined Litopia and am looking forward to meeting fellow-writers. I work in international education, but my true passion is, and always has been, writing. I have been agented before, but seem to be jinxed in that department ... my last literary agent had to close down his...
  3. Kitty

    Trends in MG and YA at Bologna

    Came across this article in Publishers Weekly - Agents and Scouts discussing the trends they are observing at this years Bologna Children's Book fair. Should be of interest to those of you writing YA ans MG but of course, remember that next year the picture could be very different. I would be...
  4. G


    Hi all...just joined and looking forward to learning while conversing...I've three books on Amazon, one from a regional US press & two self-published & am trying to get an agent to bite on my most recent historical novel. This rejection thing is for the pits! With almost everyone going digital...
  5. Luciferette

    Hello from a newbie

    Hail fellows, well virtually met. I've been lurking around this site for a while, reading posts with interest, and decided it was about time I participated. Actually, I need some advice... A couple of years ago, I was a finalist in a major literary agency/morning television show competition to...
  6. Erica Verrillo

    13 Writing Conferences in February 2017

    Litopians! Arise and network! I realize many of you aren't US residents, but if you are there are plenty of opportunities to schmooze with your fellow writers in February. Conferences not only offer opportunities to network with other writers, they are the best way to find an agent. (If you live...