1. Katie-Ellen

    The real work happens behind the scenes

    Let loose and let rip. Writing is one thing. Publishing another. Performance anxiety is putting the cart before the horse.
  2. Peyton Stafford

    Ray Bradbury on Writing. Write Like Hell! No mention of show vs. tell...

    https://publishedtodeath.blogspot.com/2013/11/ray-bradburys-words-of-wisdom-write.html Comments?
  3. Rich.

    Historical fiction – when to stop researching?

    Hi folks, This is a pretty open question (perhaps also a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string? question), but I know some of you write historical fiction, so I thought I'd ask. At what point do you say, "Enough already, these are my sources and now I must write"? I appreciate that research is an...
  4. Rich.

    What fills you with wonder?

    Hi everyone, That question above – What fills you with wonder? – I've been thinking about it lately, thinking about what I like to read (all kinds of things) and what I like to write (mostly fantasy). I love that feeling of awe, that feeling of smallness that wonderful things engender. The...
  5. Rich.

    Writing Backstory

    I've been thinking about backstory and how best to handle it, and I find my self wondering what you think. I've also been thinking about the received wisdom of craft in general – learn the "rules" before you break them, show-don't-tell-or-go-to-hell, don't write on a Tuesday when the wind is in...
  6. Laura Lee

    The twitter lifestyle?

    Hi, all. I am surprised to find myself enjoying twitter (I know, a decade late. Hey, I had dial up internet not too long ago!) I am finding many poets and writers there helping each other. Maybe it's because I am new to it and being careful who I follow--and who follows me? I expected to find...
  7. wendy maryla

    Greetings from Wendy

    Hello, I've just joined Litopia and am looking forward to meeting fellow-writers. I work in international education, but my true passion is, and always has been, writing. I have been agented before, but seem to be jinxed in that department ... my last literary agent had to close down his...
  8. AngryPI

    Writer's drink of choice

    Morning! Thought I'd put my foot in the door a little bit and get to know a few of my fellow writer's habits. With that said: "What is everyone's drink of choice? What stirs your writing senses--stimulates the nerve-endings in your fingers and drives your writing? Flipping it around--what...
  9. AgentPete

    Katie-Ellen Is Writing Dangerously This Year...

    :) The Year of Writing Dangerously
  10. Erica Verrillo

    37 Great Writing Conferences in October 2017

    Litopians! Arise and congregate! October is a great month for writing conferences. There are so many, and such a variety to choose from. If you can't attend a conference this coming month, simply put it on your "To do" list for the future. There is no greater opportunity for hobnobbing with...
  11. Island Writer

    Fanfare! Why you need an editor: Launch of Final Polish Editorial Services

    Fellow Litopians, lend me your ears... I have set up Final Polish Editorial Services to help authors cross the finish line, to ensure all your hard work is given the best possible chance of success, because we all become word blind to our work. I'm a long-standing member of Litopia (back to...
  12. Katie-Ellen

    Coffee, booze- fuelled Muses?

    A familiar topic here. I tend to write early evening, myself, fuelled by cups of tea I then forget to drink. And also, insulting publishers without justification, just because I saw this absurd cartoon -
  13. Erica Verrillo

    28 Free Writing Contests in August 2017 (No entry fees)

    Litopians! Arise and Compete! I've put together more than two dozen free writing contests coming up in August. They cover the full range of topics, styles and genres, from short stories, to essays, to poetry, to full-length works. Some offer substantial prizes. (Please look at the "Writing...
  14. Erica Verrillo

    61 Fabulous Writing Conferences in June 2017!

    June is a great month for writing conferences. It's vacation time for anyone attending school, and with the warm weather and free time, conferences proliferate. (Keep an eye on July!) I've said it before, and I will say it again - conferences are not only the best way to meet agents, get tips...
  15. Erica Verrillo

    34 Writing Contests in June 2017 - No entry fees!

    Liptopians! Arise and compete! There are nearly three dozen free contests in June. They cover the full range of topics, styles and genres, from essays, to poetry, to full-length works. In addition to the prestige of winning a contest, some of the monetary prizes this month are substantial...
  16. Katie-Ellen

    Penelope's Loom

    Isn't this the way of writing, and maybe also the doom? That like Penelope, you weave at your loom, and unravel your work in the night, and do it again next day - one difference being, she was besieged by suitors where we - I- ain't exactly under siege from desirous .... editors. (But who wants...
  17. Erica Verrillo

    29 Writing Conferences in April 2017

    Litopians! Arise and congregate! There are 29 great conferences coming up in April. Conferences are not only the best way to meet agents, get tips from other writers, and learn about the publishing industry, they make you feel like a writer. We all need community, and this is how we, as writers...
  18. Katie-Ellen

    Dystopian Writing Competition Opportunities

    In 2017 List scavenged via Twitter
  19. Erica Verrillo

    26 Writing Conferences in March 2017

    If you have never been to a writers' conference, I encourage you to attend one. Conferences are the best way to meet agents, get tips from other writers, and learn about the publishing industry. In addition to providing valuable professional contacts, nothing will make you feel more like a...
  20. Erica Verrillo

    13 Writing Conferences in February 2017

    Litopians! Arise and network! I realize many of you aren't US residents, but if you are there are plenty of opportunities to schmooze with your fellow writers in February. Conferences not only offer opportunities to network with other writers, they are the best way to find an agent. (If you live...