Finding the right agent. Tried this approach?

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Sep 25, 2014
Just seen on twitter.

'I need an agent for my second book. My first book is - (title inserted with link)

Please email me.'

I guess it might hinge on that inserted first title.

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So that's where I've been going wrong!

One wonders how the rush of agents will acquire the email address...

Perhaps we could have a mini-competition here on Litopia to see which book title in that tweet would be most likely to attract positive replies?

I'm going with 'The Bible'.
The writer once worked in a personal security role in Hollywood. Maybe that will give her some kind of a chance, though Amazon reviews of Book 1 suggest it might not help her much.
Publishing changes every day, but this reminds me of the days we heard about when people literally tossed manuscripts over the transoms into the offices of editors and publishers. No different, really. "Read my book! It's great! I need an agent! Interested? Let me know." Ballsy and egotistical, for sure, but for some it might work. Can't see myself posting a book title on Twitter, though, and asking anyone interested in representing me to shoot me an email. Not today, at least. LOL!! ;)
Not open for further replies.

Fanfare! Announcing The Writing Wiki Forum!!