1. Nikky Lee

    Twitter for writers

    A lot of writers I talk to often say that Twitter confuses them. So, I've written a quick guide to help writers who want to dip their toes into Twitter, but aren't sure where or how to start. I've also done a short blog covering Twitter pitching contests, how they work, tips for writing pitches...
  2. Nikky Lee

    List of Twitter Pitching contests (2019) - Updated 29 July

    Compiled this list to keep track of them all. Might be useful. Feel free to add any that I've missed! #SFFpit – Science fiction and fantasy pitches only. The next #SFFpit will take place on July 24, 2019. #DVpit – For marginalized authors and illustrators only. 2019 pitch dates TBA. #PitMad –...
  3. Laura Lee

    The twitter lifestyle?

    Hi, all. I am surprised to find myself enjoying twitter (I know, a decade late. Hey, I had dial up internet not too long ago!) I am finding many poets and writers there helping each other. Maybe it's because I am new to it and being careful who I follow--and who follows me? I expected to find...
  4. Katie-Ellen

    Fanfare! Pitching Event With Agents - A M Heath

    Here's a creative challenge fit to bust the brains...craft a pitch for your novel in 240 characters and under. Seen on twitter, says my owlet spy. An event for debut writers. You have time to prepare. The first pitching session is 18 September. Various genres. Read HERE
  5. Katie-Ellen

    Finding the right agent. Tried this approach?

    Just seen on twitter. 'I need an agent for my second book. My first book is - (title inserted with link) Please email me.' I guess it might hinge on that inserted first title. 285 tweets Following 25 accounts Followed by 5 accounts.
  6. Katie-Ellen

    Open Submission Coming up, Fantasy, Steampunk...

    World Weaver Press, opening February 1 and they are on twitter. Their wishlist But it's not exhaustive.
  7. Nicole Wilson


    Different from PitMad, Brenda Drake is hosting another Twitter pitch competition called PitchMadness **TODAY**. You submit your 35 word pitch and first 250 words of your completed MS, and agents compete in a game (this go-round it's Mario Kart) to win your partial or full request. Kind of...
  8. Katie-Ellen

    Agent says now is the rise again of the debut author

    Karolina Sutton at Curtis Brown says HERE that five years ago it was all BRAND, BRAND, BRAND, does this writer have a BRAND? But she says, there is a shift in the wind again...if a Manuscript is wonderful enough. Tally ho. Make it wonderful ... and unique. What could be easier? *cough* says...