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  1. Chase Gamwell

    Have you ever accidentally submitted a query?

    So here's a funny story...I accidentally submitted a query to an agent today. A lot of times, when I get bored, I'll go looking for agents that I would like to eventually represent my stories/books. I'll do lots of research on the agent and put together something to submit to them. I have an...
  2. Nicole Wilson

    Querying Is A Long Game

    I found a wonderful article on querying agents. Basically, querying is a long game. She advises not to give up until you've queried 80-100 agents. You have to stick with it to see results. Don't get discouraged early on; keep trekking. :)...
  3. Nicole Wilson

    Following Query Letter Rules

    We've talked *a lot* on here about query letters and following the rules. Some didn't necessarily agree with following the rules because it doesn't let you stand out. Straight from a very prominent lit agent's blog, here's why you should...