Please Join me This Saturday for Pop-Ups Catch-Up...

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
We’ve been discussing how to catch up with all the submissions we’ve received for Pop-Ups, and after trying various solutions, e.g. the “60-second thumbs up”, have decided to start to pre-filter.

The delay at the moment is crazy, something like eight months. I’d like to bring this down to about eight weeks for non-priority submissions. Priority submissions will continue to go on the next available show.

Every so often - starting this Saturday - I’m going to have a POP-UP CATCH-UP.

It will closely mirror what happens inside many agencies / publishers – a quick inspection of the most recent submissions to decide which ones get more in-depth consideration. In our case, to decide which ones get narrated and scheduled for a show.

There will be no special guests, but I would very much appreciate having the help of the chat room! So please join me at 5pm this Saturday, link etc to follow.
Great idea. My only wish would be if you could time it for around 1 pm or 2 pm UK time then more of us could join in.
I’m very happy to move the time around to suit. If there’s a general feeling please let me know (you could take a poll). The problem is that we’re very international, and it’s always going to be the wrong time for someone. Except for our antipodean members, who are made of sterner stuff than the rest (and continually amaze me with their ability to be fully functional at whatever-o’-clock!).

Pop-Ups at 5pm on Sundays seems a good time for most, in the UK it allows members to be free by soon after 6pm, so you’ve got the rest of the evening free, and it’s not disgustingly early for our American members, either.
The London 1700 apres midi would be 0330 in the blessed ante meridiem for me, and the rest of the household would kill me - all light sleepers, and the dog howls when someone is up and active in her dark-time. Otherwise, I'd love to stick my nose in - and I can always read the chat-room comments after the fact; research on what gets a piece knocked out of the ring ...
It seems to me sensible to hold it in the middle of UK waking hours. That way you can accommodate the most people from around the world. 1 pm in UK = 7 am West Coast, and 12 midnight in Sydney . (sorry NZ, you are stuck in the middle of nowhere :) ) Either side of 1 pm excludes some members but most seem to come from around the UK so have the say. Ultimately it is Pete's decision but if visibility around the globe is an issue then 1pm GMT would cover the widest audience.
However, if I lived in England I would be dead set against a 1pm kick off for Pop Ups. Sunday lunchtime down the pub with a pint of Fullers ESB or Abbot Ale or Youngs best bitter (I am salivating now!) would be irresistible. :)
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@AgentPete is referring to the new back-log SATURDAY session of pop-ups, not the Sunday one. The Sunday one remains at 5pm uk time which seems to agree with everyone.
Pop-Ups Catch-Up will not happen very frequently, I'm guessing at maybe four times a year. They're one-offs. It's possible that we might build them in to the regular Sunday rotation, given enough notice. We're still feeling our way.
I'll be in road tripping through New Zealand, so I'm afraid I'll miss it. But if you record the session, I'd be interested to watch it later!
I'll be in road tripping through New Zealand, so I'm afraid I'll miss it. But if you record the session, I'd be interested to watch it later!
This would be great! Fantastic! How many superlatives can I dredge up to say how much value this would be to all writers looking to find what works and what doesn't?
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