1. frasermacp

    Welcome… I’m New Here! Hi hi from the Pacific Northwest

    Hi hi! I am Fraser, a 32-year-old he/they queer wannabe writer. I live and work in the Pacific Northwest. I split my time between a studio in downtown Vancouver (so-called British Columbia) & a cottage in a remote rainforest fjord of northwest Vancouver Island where I work as a nurse. Nursing...
  2. Luis Rivera

    Welcome… I’m New Here! Greetings

    Hello, my name is Luis Rivera, I'm a newcomer to this site.
  3. CMStickler

    Newbie here.

    Tl;dr: I'm new to the community, and I get chatty at 2:30 am, despite my severe social anxiety. Hi, all! I kind of wrote a life story in the About Me section of the profile, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet here. (Ugh, clichés! I need to add that to my list of writing faux pas to correct...