1. R

    Glad to be here

    Hi there, amazing to have found this place - I'm hoping to get some advice... I have written a novel, Life's Journey with the Occasional Alien, and really could use some fresh eyes on it to give me some honest opinions. Please feel free to drop me a line. Roy
  2. KG Christopher

    Revealing the contents of my novel before approaching appropriate agents

    Greetings fellow colonists, Here is a question I struggle with every day, and some advice would be appreciated. I am totaly, uterly, new to trying to get my work published, although, I have been writing for pleasure and to entertain my family for well over 6 years. In that time, I have amassed...
  3. KG Christopher

    I am so new here

    Hi, I don't know what I am doing, flash dance, colony, house. Post her, post there, that was last year, accounts gone missing. Any chance of a good old fashion FAQ for the site, or have I just not stumbled upon it? Or, should I just go back to my little cave and keep chiselling away at the wall.