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  1. S

    Self-Publishing Support Group

    We writers are all in the throes of developing our skills. Now, AI challenges us. Meanwhile, we must decide between traditional publishing and self-publishing... This is a safe space to discuss these issues.
  2. Michiel Kroon

    Our Oracle Card Deck is very successful, even though the publishers & agents didn't want it.

    A few years ago Leanne and I sent our Oracle Card Deck to the pop up submissions, and we had a thread on this forum to do card readings in exchange for feedback. I can't find that particular thread but here is the one where I introduce myself . After the pop up submissions we changed the title...
  3. Cianz

    BrainPick Audiobooks

    What are people's thoughts on audiobooks? It seems to be another facet of self-publishing and growing more and more. Has any Litopian out there done this with any of their work? I know a lot of purists would balk at the suggestion, so don't shoot me..!!
  4. Jay Aitch

    Indie Publishing Distributors

    Hey all, Has anyone had experience with Draft2Digital as an ebook distributor? Or Smashwords? Thanks Jim
  5. Erica Verrillo

    How to Edit Your Own Manuscript - My tried-and-true technique

    You've written the last line of your book, and you have that expansive euphoria that comes with a job well done. An almost uncontrollable urge to share your accomplishment with the world washes over you. You want to show your new book to your friends, agents, publishers - or, God forbid...
  6. Erica Verrillo

    Translating Your Self-Published Book

    Translating your self-published book or story can open it up to global markets. Here are some of the best translation services available to writers. Some have no up-front costs to authors, but operate on a royalty-sharing model. (I've used Babelcube, and was quite happy with them.) I've also...
  7. R

    GD&D? 'Publsher' - how do you spell that?

    I am a (supposedly) fairly successful poet, writer and GPS-triggered literary app producer (Bristol-based). By this, I mean I make 'a living' from writing. I have just spent over 5 years writing a novel (3S10), so now I'm in a new battle arena, seemingly: I mean, I write mainly to commission...
  8. David Newrick

    Poll Controversy - Self-Publishing: An Insult To The Written Word

    Social media has gone slightly berserk with indignation, tears and apparently even death threats. Why? Someone has dared to question the validity and worth of self-publishing. Not really a good move for your health it would seem, giving the current vitriolic backlash in the digital world over...