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Fanfare! I’m so excited!!

The Blue Paper Trick

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Sam A

May 2, 2021
Hello to all.
I like watching the Sunday show - but not always on Sundays!
However, I wanted to be able to join in with the comments, so have today joined 'the colony'.
I like the style of the show, and although it has received criticism for being 'harsh', it is the 'harsh but fair' aspect, that makes it interesting to me.
The panel could just make it easy on themselves and say it's all LOVELYYYY.

But what would be the point, then. And kudos to the writers, submitting. It's a brave thing to do. But the really serious writers will take it on the chin, regroup, reflect and run with the feedback, and use what chimes and disregard what does not.

Because to them, the work matters above everything else.
Welcome aboard, Sam!

So glad you're enjoying Pop-Up Submissions, and it was great to have you in the chat room for today's show!

Yes, the criticism can sometimes seem a bit brutal, but I guess if you're submitting work, it's because you hope it'll have some commercial value. And the marketplace is a tough place, so one of the first things an author needs is a thick skin.

I've submitted my work and it is nerve-wracking as hell, but an incredibly useful experience, too :)

Hope to see you in the chat room some more!
I felt sick as a dog for two days when I submitted mine, but it was very, very useful. Which is why I did it, of course. I left Uni 5 years ago and I’m miss the critiquing of work that went on - friends and family are far too polite. Well I say that, but actually my son is brutal. He read my book and then spent nearly 3 hours on the phone telling me everything I needed to fix in it. (Weirdest criticism being he couldn’t get on with one of the characters because she sounded like me. I mean, WTF kid!)
Thanks to all who have sent best wishes, since joining the site.

I enjoyed last night’s show, but it really bought home the big difference between ‘watching’ and ‘participating’.

It’s been a while since I played beach volleyball, and the difference between ‘watching’ and sipping on a nice cool mojito, and ‘participating’ when that fierce hard ball is coming at you full on…

Well those 700 words come pretty fast too!!

I have a new respect for you regulars, at being so quick, so analytical and so accurate.
I rarely participate mostly because I don't like the competitive angle and the scoring people's work. Authors don't compete with each other for points and public criticism is likely to hurt as much as help. For me, the Workshop forum gives us all the help we need without setting ourselves against each other. The Huddle is also a brilliant place for friendly discussion of various pieces of work with on-the-spot recommendations to take away. No scoreboard there.
Having said that I do listen to the show on Monday mornings to judge my perception of how good a piece of writing is against the popular vote as it tells me how my ear for good writing is developing + my ear for bad writing too!
Not open for further replies.

Fanfare! I’m so excited!!

The Blue Paper Trick