Regular Litopia Meetups on first Sunday of each month

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aka Anne Chen
Nov 16, 2015
London, UK
Hello fellow Litopians, hope all is well in your writing world!

Just to let you know @AgentPete intends to make the Litopian Meetups a regular monthly feature. They will be scheduled for the first Sunday of each month to help those that want to attend plan in advance.

The format will be a general topic with Q and A session at the end. More details from Agent Pete later.

When I attended my first Meetup, I was very new to writing and had not even finished my first manuscript. I was nervous and tongue-tied (still am) and unsure of what to expect, but it has been truly invaluable for helping with my writing and understanding of the publishing industry.
I really urge new comers to take this opportunity to talk to a real-life, bonafide agent. His views and advice are such that you will not find else where on the web. Really! (e.g. don't send out a synopsis; call to talk about it instead???! (of course it must depend on the circumstances, right Peter?! :D)

Fuze is really simple to use too. I downloaded it in a few mins.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at the next July Meetup. :)
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Also does anyone have any ideas on topics they'd like covered?

I'd really like AgentPete's view on how much of an on-line presence writers/ authors need, and 'just how important is it really?'.

Previous Meetups have discussed how to get a great First Opening Page and great Book Titles.
Wait, call to discuss what? Queries? That's on almost every agent's website as a no-no...

This was when the agent/ publisher has already expressed interest and requested a synopsis, but the synopsis is so boring it is off-putting. He said call instead. (I know! As if we would dare to call! :oops::oops::D)
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I'd love a regular meetup. And doing it on a specific day each month would work wonders for scheduling. I forgot all about the June meetup this month and wound up going out on Sunday for other plans!
Will start scheduling these from July until the end of the year, post dates etc when I'm back tonight. Basically, it will be the first Sunday of each month, possibly excluding September when I'm likely to be away.

Would encourage everyone, especially new members, to participate. Fuze is a nice implementation of videoconferencing, better than Skype, and it creates an agreeable community feeling.
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