1. Inga Vesper

    Hello everybody

    Hello all Litopians, it's taken me a couple of weeks, but I've finally found the courage (and time) to sign up. I'm Inga, a science journalist by day and aspiring author by night and at the most inconvenient times (If you've ever written down ideas on tissue roll at the gym or in the margins of...
  2. Faith Knight

    to one and all

    I'm Faith and I write YA historical from the hot and sweaty town of Austin, Texas. I've self-pubbed a few books but I'm now focused on fiction. Hope to meet likeminded individuals and learn from your experiences.
  3. Arlene Adamo


    AgentPete, (who I hope is not a real secret agent as I hate those James Bond types), said this is step one in joining Litopia, so here it is. I'm hoping this will be an interesting experience. I am very interesting when I am not completely boring, but I will try my best not to bore people, but...