1. Katie-Ellen

    Reality Check The real work happens behind the scenes

    Let loose and let rip. Writing is one thing. Publishing another. Performance anxiety is putting the cart before the horse.
  2. Katie-Ellen

    Season's Greetings

    Writing friends of Litopia, near and far, new and, erm, old/er. Thank you for all the fun and your good company. Wishing you health and happiness in 2022. May the Muse be with you, and your writing prosper.
  3. Katie-Ellen

    Fanfare! Litopian Madz...His Debut YA Novel Featured in The Times :)

    Looka here:- Just seen on twitter. He did it himself! But a member here a long time, our friend, and that's something to celebrate... I know @Madz wouldn't post this himself. Read on. I Am Thunder
  4. AgentPete

    Katie-Ellen Is Writing Dangerously This Year...

    :) The Year of Writing Dangerously
  5. Katie-Ellen

    Inkitt Novel Submissions: the Contract

    I got another email from these people today. This is their contract. What do people think? Has anyone here submitted any work to Inkitt ? (deadline today) I'd feel myself, that I would be putting my head into a bag re COPYRIGHT Here is what you win, looks pretty good, but what do you lose?
  6. Katie-Ellen

    Sci Fi Writers of Litopia, submission opportunity.

    Seen on Twitter Deadline: June 30th, 2017 Payment: $5 per 1,000 words up front, royalties, and a contributor’s copy Other submission opportunities too. Horror Tree
  7. Katie-Ellen

    Fanfare! A teeny fanfare: being published, flash fiction born here..

    'Red Rescue', it began life here in the Flash Fiction club, and had a few re-writes. It will be illustrated and published in August with The Story Shack I am sure they would want to see work from other folks here. Non-exclusive, you are free to place the piece elsewhere meantime.
  8. Katie-Ellen

    Podcast: How To Write a London Novel

    PODCAST With Will Self and other London writers. Ben Aaronovitch could get a mention. Reviewers who say they don't read fantasy have also said they have read Rivers of London for his wonderful portraiture of streets they know: London Books are big business, and London's open for Business...