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New show: Neville Staple - Original Rude Boy

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The Specials were one of the most important, vital and influential bands to come out of the post-punk explosion, the band who created the 2-Tone movement.

The Coventry-based Ska combo had eight Top Ten hits including ‘A Message To You Rudy’, and the chart-toppers ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Too Much Too Young.’

And right at the heart of them was Garry’s guest tonight Neville Staple, the roadie who became a star and then went on to have seven more hits with his next band The Fun Boy Three.

Although badly hurt in a car crash a couple of years ago, the irrepressible Nev continues to work with his own Neville Staple Band. Tonight, he talks about his 2009 autobiography, Original Rude Boy, the Specials' reunion, the early days of 2-Tone and his dream of taking his brand of English Ska out to Jamaica...

Listen now...
Not open for further replies.