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Hi! I may look a tad like Adele I don't sing quite as well. Good thing then I chose to be a writer!
I am a French native and I've been writing forever in my mother-tongue, I even published a novel last year, a bitter romance called "L". I've always loved the English language and lived a few years in UK but I only recently tried to write in English. I finished a novel (a romance again, but on a bubbly, fun side this time) but as a non-native speaker, I don't feel very confident with the text and I have no idea what it's really worth and how to polish it so I came here, hoping to find support and positive advises/comments to improve.
Very sight to join this community and hoping to read from a lot of new people! :D


Welcome. I look forward to reading some of your material. I speak French, German and Welsh - none of them well, but enough to become fascinated by how culture and geography shape language and how language shapes culture.
Welcome! I used to work in Geneva, and still have a bit of French, but nothing like as good as your English clearly is. Well done for trying to write in a second language - there are some excellent precedents, eg Conrad. :)
Hello :) Congratulations on finishing un roman written in another langue. That's already quite an achievement.
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