new member introduction

  1. Louise

    Children's picture book writer seeking agent

    Evening colonists! The instructions on AgentPete's treasure map said the first thing new Litopia members should do is introduce themselves here. So that's what I'm doing. I'm Louise and I'm an unrepresented children's author currently making submissions.
  2. M

    Hello, it's me...

    Hi! I may look a tad like Adele I don't sing quite as well. Good thing then I chose to be a writer! I am a French native and I've been writing forever in my mother-tongue, I even published a novel last year, a bitter romance called "L". I've always loved the English language and lived a few...
  3. T

    Introducing myself: Tony P

    Dear members of the Colony, I've just arrived and received the invitation from AgentPete to screw up my courage and say hello. This was not too difficult because of Pete's welcome and the clear groundrules being set here ruling out the wilder conversations that break out so often online. I...