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Paul Whybrow

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Jun 20, 2015
Cornwall, UK
I stumbled across this Wergle Flomp competition, organised by the Winning Writers site:

Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest (no fee) - Winning Writers

Entry is free, but the closing date is in a few days on April 1st.

I've entered, with a poem I wrote three years ago and which I self-published in an ebook.

It's worth reading the poems of previous winners, to get an idea of what they're looking for.

The prize money of $1,000 for the winner, $250 for the runner-up and $100 each for ten honourable mentions would be useful, as would the publicity.
Hmm. Not so much Humour (why do they leave out the 'u'?) as Reflections on Soft Porn or Toilet Humour. Those that avoid the teenage snigger-factor topics almost unanimously fall into that pseudo-literary pit where writers can kid themselves that they are poets - vers libre: 'the great thing about poetry is there are no rules, man...'
Apart from Ulysses of Astoria, which is rather good, concepts like scansion and structure are wholly (or occasionally even more painfully, partly) lacking. Even the Ballad - sorry, Ms Crowe - is no such thing.

Good luck with yours, Paul, but if you have instilled any poetic lineage into your work then I fear for your chances.

I'd enter this but I doubt they'd see the point:


I love free
Freedom from form, no rhyme
Line bre
aks wherever you want.
Modern, innit?

Stanzas any length you like.
And sod rhyming.

And shoving in odd bits of
punctuation is thought of as
! ?

Words that don't exist:
Unworded -
Even cooler. Übercooled.

Often you don't even need
a theme as
reader has enough on his plate
to figure out what'
s going on so

Just hope that no
one notices that you've
Written a sentence,
but the cat jumped on the
Not open for further replies.

Assassination by Upload

Lovely review....