short stories

  1. Robinne Weiss

    Alternative Deathiness

    I’m coming for you is a bad movie line. For Death it is a promise. We tend to like to avoid the concept of death, but it keeps finding us. So we put together a book. But what to call it. We were sick of death coming in and taking friends and family, giving no regard for us except to leer from...
  2. Nikky Lee

    Apocalypse – Dark Drabbles #6

    A post-apocalyptic adventure of tiny proportions. Venture into the unknown, into a time when society has broken down and every man, woman and child (and the odd monster or alien) must fight for themselves. What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words? APOCALYPSE...
  3. Erica Verrillo

    17 Publishers Accepting Dark Fiction and Horror - No Agent Required

    Litopians! Here are seventeen publishers accepting dark fiction, horror, urban fantasy, military horror, and anything that goes bump in the night - including vampires. None require an agent, and all are traditional publishers. Some of these publishers have been in business for a long time and...
  4. Patricia D

    Fanfare! "Unstrung Quartet" short story to be published.

    My short story, Unstrung Quartet, is among those chosen for inclusion in Snowbound, Level Best Books 2017 best New England crime stories anthology. I'm tickled pink to be in such esteemed company. Snowbound will be released at New England Crime Bake, which takes place November 10th – 12th in...
  5. Patricia D

    If I lived anywhere close, I'd go to this

    I've been writing short stories recently and really enjoying the freedom to jump around, experiment, etc. If I lived anywhere near this conference, I'd go, perhaps even submit a proposal for a paper. But I live thousands of miles away. So, I'm posting it here and hoping someone will go a...
  6. Katie-Ellen

    Sci Fi Writers of Litopia, submission opportunity.

    Seen on Twitter Deadline: June 30th, 2017 Payment: $5 per 1,000 words up front, royalties, and a contributor’s copy Other submission opportunities too. Horror Tree
  7. Katie-Ellen

    Delivering the experience of 'Now'

    "I think there’s a way in which all novels aspire to a kind of perpetual present tense. This is why the ones we love are rereadable: they will always deliver their nowness. Perhaps all novelists, while they may want to do many things in their work and while they resolutely embark on the long...