1. Robinne Weiss

    Pandemic Poetry: Across the Fence

    Seeking to connect with the neighbours and keep herself sane during New Zealand's Covid-19 lockdown, author Robinne Weiss wrote poems on leftover building wrap and posted them on her fence each day. The poems were enjoyed by the community and shared throughout the world. Here they are collected...
  2. Nikky Lee

    Amusement How Emily Dickinson Writes A Poem: A Short Video Introduction

    Not amusing as such, but I found it interesting. How Emily Dickinson Writes A Poem: A Short Video Introduction | Open Culture
  3. Laura Lee

    Can poets be considered writers?

    Hello, writers. I am mainly a poet. At another site (gasp!) a novelist told me poets are not real writers since we deal with so few words. He pointed out that during our "write a novel in a month" month, what are we poets doing? Still obsessing about the same few lines or words? (Okay, I...
  4. Paul Whybrow

    The Power of Poetry

    I've long enjoyed reading poetry, which has been a source of comfort, wonder, humour and inspiration. When I returned to creative writing in 2013, I did so by penning poems and short stories, moving on to novellas. Several poems became the catalyst for longer forms. In two years I created 400...
  5. Katie-Ellen

    Doctor, doctor, it's a soul emergency!Emergency Poet?

    Well, you buy an old ambulance on ebay, as you do, and then.... Messages in bottles, that, and a bit of nourishment, reinforcement or escape, ain't that what it's about. The Emergency Poet
  6. Erica Verrillo

    52 Calls for Submissions in May 2017 - Paying Markets

    Litopians! Arise and submit! May is a great month for submitting your poetry, creative nonfiction, short stories, random musings, shopping lists, and yes! even whole manuscripts. There are over four dozen calls for submissions this month. All of these are paying markets! There are no submission...
  7. David Newrick

    Fanfare! Northern Writers' Awards

    I have just found about these awards and thought I would let everyone know here about it. To be eligible you must live in the frozen wasteland otherwise know as Northern England. New Writing North state on the awards website - 'Writers applying for the awards must currently live full-time in...