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When Do You Stop Writing?

The Colony—Finding 'The Others.'

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I see no problem with posting facebook/twitter/goodreads, whatever handles here!
http://www.facebook.com/flootwrites (this is all kinds of writing and drawing and crafty things, it's quite random and diverse and inconsistently updated, so I'm just including it for completeness, the other one is actually me!)
I'm @flootzavut on Twitter.
I think I'm flootzavut on Goodreads...
I have a writing/creativity/inspiration Tumblr at http://flootwrites.tumblr.com
You're probably seeing a theme here. Generally speaking, I'm flootzavut most places, and as far as I know, if you find a flootzavut or flootwrites anywhere, it's almost certainly me. Or at least, so far I've never had to find a different username anywhere. It isn't impossible that I eventually will, but so far no one's stolen it... o_O
I think I'm sarahflute, sarah-flute, Floot or similar on some older sites, but flootzavut is generally a pretty good way to find me :cool: especially when accompanied by an avatar of a Pallas cat :D
I have added everyone, I can't add friends to Goodreads at the moment as I am importing my Twitter contacts so keep exceeding my daily limit, however it does mean if you put your twitter account on here and there I shall get you eventually :)
For anyone who would like to add me I follow back - if you have a FB page and I haven't liked it, mail me the link and I will do so:
FB page https://www.facebook.com/Oneirois
FB profile https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005204297002
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/simmillkj
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/37425428-k-j-simmill

Have a great day everyone :)
I'm like a freakin' evil mastermind with how often I change/create new online profiles. Moriarty's got nuffin on me!

But, for now, I am @arbietrary. Rufus bird now follows you all, and watches you very much like Rufus birds tend to do. :D
Hi all - I noticed that quite a few of you have a separate author page on Facebook. I just wondered about the relative benefits of creating an author page and do you still get friend requests from fans on your personal page? If so, do you then ignore them? Do you end up having to update your status on two accounts?
Pages can't interact with others in the same capacity as regular Facebook profiles, but some authors prefer them because there is no limit to the number of likes or followers, whereas with a Facebook profile you're capped at 5,000 friends. And with an author page you're set up as an author and Facebook doesn't get bent out of shape that you're using a pen name, so there's less chance of the inevitable Facebook trolls who report author profiles as "fake" names. I've seen too many authors lose their Facebook profile, or be forced to use their real names because Facebook is weird like that.

I do get friend requests from people who have liked my author page, but not always. Some people only follow the page, and not all my profile friends have liked or followed my author page.

Yes, I update both my profile and my author page, but it's very easy to switch back and forth. You don't have to sign out and sign back in again. Some authors even have pages set up for each of their series, but I tried that and found it was overkill. Also, I have my author page set to tweet the updates automatically, so I'm rarely on Twitter even though my tweets go out all day. That saves me time.

I also have a Facebook account now for Ravenna Tate, but since her first book won't be out until sometime next month (or later) at Evernight, I haven't done much on her profile. I do have to sign out and sign back in again to use that one, but it takes only a few seconds to do it, so it doesn't really add much time to my promo.

Hope this helps. :)
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@Frances Gow Personally I find it a good way to separate me and my writing, I accept any friend requests, but generally my FB is for me, my page is for my writing and information regarding it.
I do have a 'Page' for my writing, whether its poetry, or extracts from novels I've written or am writing. But these days I doubt it is worth having as facebook restricts whats seen in an 'effort' to avoid your newsfeed being overloaded. As such that means even though I have 130 'likes', only about 11-15 people see a post from my page. That is unless I use a picture and tag people to get it seen. However, facebook has also made it almost impossible to tag people anymore, it seems to work on rare occasions and not on others, although strangely I can always tag other 'Pages' !!?
This is why I have a profile for my pen name. I have one for my real name but it's for emergency purposes only, in case I ever get locked out of my Ravenna Tate accounts. I don't use it for interaction. When I talk to people on social media, I AM Ravenna. My readers love it that they get to interact with me about more than just my books, and in fact they comment on that all the time. They want to know us as people, not get constantly slammed with promo. I have readers who will unfriend authors who do nothing but post promo all the time. They want to talk to us as human beings.

I do far less self promo probably than I should because nothing grinds my gears more than an author who friends me, and then immediately blasts my wall with links to her books, or invites to her promo events. It's like REALLY??? You don't even know me. It's called SOCIAL media, not PROMO media. I get really turned off by stuff like that and I will unfriend people who do it too often.

I know how to find books if I want to read them. I don't need my news feed cluttered up with that all day long, and I don't need to be hit over the head with it by other authors. I do more pimpage of other authors than a lot of people I know who also write because those authors are my friends in real life, or we've built up an online rapport over time. Plus I read their books and love them. It's a two-way street.
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Thanks everyone - very useful. I might just allow followers on my personal account and see what happens. As I understand it, followers can only see your public updates and you can decide who sees which updates. And if you ignore a friend request, they automatically become a follower. Seems easier than having two pages (and I'm really not that popular anyway!)
Hi Frances, initially I had a book page, but converted it to an author page after researching the options. Both were/are separate from my personal page which I intend to continue doing. Facebook gives you one chance to change the name of your page as long as the reason is bonafide, so as I'm working on a trilogy I may change it to something of that ilk or just my name once I get my first book out there.

I decided against blending with my personal page as there are some friends who aren't interested in my writing and I like the idea of keeping it separate, rather than potentially adjusting privacy settings with every post.
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When Do You Stop Writing?

The Colony—Finding 'The Others.'