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Chris Yugay

Oct 28, 2019
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Hello, everyone.

If any of you are in need of an illustrator, I highly recommend the Ukranian artist Artur Kukhta who has helped me prepare my book The Cheesemongers of Moisy-le-Grand for publication. Artur is incredibly imaginative, attentive to detail and just fun to work with. He has noted the angles of my story that even I myself have missed. Artur is currently available for work and can be contacted through FB or Instagram.

Thank you for sharing. You have been on Litopia longer than I have. Do you share your written work? The illustration and title make me want to read this.
Hello, Peyton. Thank you for your feedback. I do occasionally share my work with other writers. In fact, the opening chapter of The Cheesemongers was reviewed on Pete's Pop Up Submissions Channel a couple of years ago. The book will be out in print by the summer of 2023.
Not open for further replies.