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N J Sturgess

Oct 24, 2019
Hi all,

I'm getting towards the end of my latest, and hopefully final, rewrite and I suspect it'll be done within a week or so. I just wondered if it's worth testing the water now and seeing if anyone would be interested in being a beta reader for some adult sci-fi of the spaceship adventure type.

Heya. It's always worth testing the waters. You can do that by posting in the Writing Groups, where you'll have the option to start a 'public' or a private thread. Have you used Writing Groups before? If not you can find the instructions in there. (I'd link it but my mobile won't let me.)

I'd recommend the Writing Groups too, before beta readers.

I normally ask who is available (everyone gets busy at some point) and then when you have a few volunteers, like @Barbara suggests, make the thread private.

Ideally, beta readers are just readers (though that's not essential). Writers will see a lot more than readers, that's why you critique first.

This is from a self-published author (mind the language) for beta readers:

This is a trad published author for CP's:

I agree. Get people here to help you get your first chapter or two in great nick then the rest tends to follow. The problem with beta readers is they may well have differing opinions which can leave you confused. I read on another forum of someone complaining that three beta readers had given three different views all contradicting each other. Nightmare.
Hmmm, Jenna Moreci's comments were interesting. I am not sure if I would enjoy being a beta reader under her terms and conditions. I can see how one chapter at a time followed by an interview could be valuable to the author, but I don't think it would be worthwhile to me as a reader. It would feel too much like work. Plus I might pull out something to read at 2:00 am during one of those sleepless nights then, ring ring. "Hey Jenna are you awake?"
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Hi @N J Sturgess

I'd be happy to get involved and might require something similar myself in a month or so.

I think I'd find participating in the process both of benefit and interesting.
Separate from my comments earlier in regard to the Jenna Moreci video, I would be interested in being a beta reader for your manuscript.
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