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How to Edit Your Own Manuscript - My tried-and-true technique

You've written the last line of your book, and you have that expansive euphoria that comes with a job well done. An almost uncontrollable urge to share your accomplishment with the world washes over you. You want to show your new book to your friends, agents, publishers - or, God forbid, immediately self-publish.

We all know that feeling, and it's a dangerous one, because your manuscript is filled with errors. You can't see them because you have "manuscript blindness." But never fear! I have a fool-proof method for overcoming manuscript blindness, and for correcting logic errors, missing scenes, and awkward phrases, as well as pesky spelling and punctuation errors. Before you show your manuscript to anybody, including your mother, make sure you give it a good drubbing.

Publishing ... and Other Forms of Insanity: How to Edit Your Own Manuscript