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  1. Nikky Lee

    BrainPick Grammar hacks

    I have 5 grammar hacks that I use quite regularly when I write and edit - especially the 'by zombies' trick with passive voice and switching in pronouns in instances of who/whom. What grammar hacks do you find yourself using all the time? (I might add them to my list too!).
  2. AgentPete

    Pop-Up Submissions 15th April

  3. Erica Verrillo

    How to Edit Your Own Manuscript - My tried-and-true technique

    You've written the last line of your book, and you have that expansive euphoria that comes with a job well done. An almost uncontrollable urge to share your accomplishment with the world washes over you. You want to show your new book to your friends, agents, publishers - or, God forbid...
  4. Jimithyh

    Recommended UK Editors?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of, or recommendations for, any professional UK editors, or editorial agencies? Additionally, what are peoples' thoughts on the manuscript assessment that many such websites offer? Ta
  5. Island Writer

    Fanfare Why you need an editor: Launch of Final Polish Editorial Services

    Fellow Litopians, lend me your ears... I have set up Final Polish Editorial Services to help authors cross the finish line, to ensure all your hard work is given the best possible chance of success, because we all become word blind to our work. I'm a long-standing member of Litopia (back to...
  6. Jimithyh

    ProWritingAid opinions

    I've purchased the premium version of ProWritingAid, for use with editing my work, and found the desktop version (on a Mac) is extremely slow. Has anyone else had similar experience, or views on the software in general?
  7. F

    Greetings! New - how do I know if it's any good?

    After five years of on and off writing, and re-drafting, with the creative excitement of plot twists and suspense, then a year of editing down 'til it bleeds, I'm left with no objectivity. Is it still a unique beautiful, tragic, story, or is it nothing? How do you gauge what you're left with...
  8. Jimithyh

    Doubts, like louts, are all about.

    When working at editing and reworking your writing, does anyone else become overwhelmed with doubts that it is all tripe, balderdash and piffle, unreadable fluff?