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What progress....
What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a friend to myself. Hecato of Rhodes

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  • Pride Weekend
    This year, for the first, time, I noticed the absence of something in June: rainbows. I’d never be ...
  • Bad Writing
    Lately, I’ve been hearing lots of complaints about awful writing. Not mine – people aren’t say ...
  • AI at the G7 with the Pope
    Originating from an informal meeting of finance ministers in 1973, in Washington DC, two years late ...
  • Forest bathing
    A long-lost friend dropped by recently. Myka was in Berlin for a conference, and found herself with ...
  • Play to Your Strengths
    Be Up-Front Agent Pete often says that writers should play to their strength and put it front and ce ...


Fanfare! Blog Link in Main Menu
This is a link to the forum part of it
Fanfare! God Save the Queen
Thanks Sedayne. Glad you enjoyed it.
Fanfare! My first illustrated book!
Gorgeous cover!! Good luck at the festival xx r
Fanfare! Pleased To Announce A Major Deal...
Bravo! Nice to see some good news.