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My husband is one of the wisest people I know. Never reads books.

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    Don’t Start with a Character Waking Up, Looking in the Mirror, or with a Hangover On Pop-Up Submis ...
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    (Disclaimer: although not politically perfect, I’m going to use the familiarity of the term ‘di ...
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Fanfare! Award finalist (x3!)
Well done! :clinking-glasses:
Fanfare! Double win for a Pop-ups panellist!
He was always a very supportive panellist. Good on him. :clapping-hands:
Fanfare! God Save the Queen
Great stuff, well done Terry!
Fanfare! Pizza Perfection? Time will tell
Very nice seems a perfect score. In Palermo we wanted to eat at a place where we always saw people. Finally a quiet evening and everything we...
Fanfare! Blog Link in Main Menu
OK, take a look now, like that...?