Writing goals for July.

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Oct 19, 2014
Nice and simple for me this month.

In terms of the writing, then its all about maintaining the momentum. Key for me is this notion of writing everyday. I do not set my quota high (500 words) but I have managed to do this for a while now and almost always end up around the 1000 word mark.

Reading is my real weak spot at the moment. Need to become more disciplined in that.

Also going to make a tentative start on a real website. I have a pisspoor one at the moment but its beyond amateurish and I have an open offer from a close friend, who is a bit of a wiz at these things, to help me create something a bit less embarassing.
Had to make myself a big, poster-size chart on Friday to try to keep all my projects on track and moving. July will hopefully see the cover reveal for my next novel, and the completion of the first draft of the book following that one. I'll also be finishing up another non-fiction book in July.
I'll be entering a couple more writing competitions. I'm finessing the closing sentences of a short story for the Dragon Tea Contest, which has a limit of 3,000 words and the theme of 'Journeys'.

I'll also enter the strange To Hull and Back short story competition, which gets its name from the winning entry being tied to the handlebars of the judge's Harley-Davidson and ridden to Hull! The entry fee is £9, but the First Prize is £1,000. I've written a disgusting fantasy/horror story, that I think will suit organiser Christopher Fielden's tastes.

In the meantime, I continue to make notes for my fifth Cornish Detective novel, jotting down ideas and website addresses to do with lighthouses, fishermen and art forgery—all very Cornish things. I'll begin writing in a couple of months, with a completion date of February 2018.
I haven't made myself actual writing goals for a long while, but my writing-related goals for July are codename "Phoenix":

It's time to resurrect my once active "platform" from the life-altering inferno that was 2015. I need to revive the blog, jumpstart Twitter, redo a website relating to the novel-in-query, and launch a Facebook thingee under the new, official pen name. Then, when all the craziness has risen from the ashes, start a new round of queries to the rest of my list with a completely rewritten letter.

Oh, and in-between, I'll keep writing stuff... o_O
To finish first draft of The Scribe's Boy. I'm 5000 words away from the end, how long can it take! Then to start the 2nd draft...
Last day of the month.

Managed to maintain my daily writing goal, and am pleased with my productivity although this morning has been a bit of a slog.

Also upped the reading and can feel the benefits of that.

As to the website...probably best left to the imagination.

Let's see ... what did I do this month? LOL!! One submission accepted and one release. :) Oh, and halfway done with the 2nd book in my current series. Not too shabby.
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Next Sunday...

Fond of Which Fonts?