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Writers will moan....

I always get....

I've never had....

Paul Whybrow

Full Member
Writers will moan, ‘You don’t know how lonely it is, how hard it is...’ You love it, you liar, you fucking love it, you’re on your eighteenth book. Sure, there will be some tough days, some shitty days during the process, but you know it’s a thing that once you get going, it won’t feel like work. It may feel like effort, but it won’t feel like hard work.

If you get to work towards something, that’s a privilege. Pressure is a privilege. If you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re good at it and you can live on it and it’s not separate from the rest of your life, well that’s the ne plus ultra of living. You won life’s jackpot.

Jimmy Carr

(from Before & Laughter: A Life-Changing Book)


I always get....

I've never had....