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Writers as Animals

The Guardian children´s fiction prize winner

New expression...

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Paul Whybrow

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I've just finished my third novel in a series of psychological thrillers set in Cornwall and am in the drudgery of editing it. The plot involves three murders, including a mummified corpse and a drowned pensioner who's found to be carrying a stone baby.

As subplots, there's livestock rustling and sightings of the Beast of Bodmin Moor, the legendary big cat. Real life supported my storyline, for a lynx escaped from a local zoo and there were a dozen reports of people seeing mountain lions.

I'm very much a recluse, and it occurred to me as I wrote about menacing and solitary exotic wild cats, that were I a writer in animal form, then I'd be a mountain lion. This species actually has more names than any other, more than forty, including puma, cougar, panther, catamount, painter and mountain screamer. I've only tried one other name, a pen name that I soon abandoned.

What Type of 'Animal' Writer are You?(Sarah Colliver)

What animal would you be?

Something tells me, cats will be a popular choice....



According to this list, I'm a monkey-kanga-cat-squirrel-tiger. Oh cool. I wonder how that animal might look like in real life.
Not open for further replies.

The Guardian children´s fiction prize winner

New expression...