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Nov 16, 2018
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At times people compare an author's writing to a picture. I suspect this is because writing is abstract, you can't "see" it except in your mind's eye, and human beings have a need, when all else is inadequate, they feel more secure to express what they mean through an image.

Thinking about it, isn't this what a book cover in effect does- describes your writing in some way. But that is limited to one book at a time.

What if an author can encase in a picture what kind of writing that author does?

I've tried to do just that. First, I thought hard: raked the bottom of my heart and mind to have an accurate awareness of what my general message in writing is; then I looked for a picture that would reflect those thoughts and came up with this:

When writing what I'd like to transmit is the complexity, uncertainty, mystery, immense movement and pattern in life, which can never be completely defined otherwise we would be omnipotent like God.

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Now, Over To You....

Why do you write, what is your message?

If you can't find a picture to upload, can you verbally describe it?

I'd love to know.
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Interesting challenge—mine would be an abstract oil painting with layers and layers of paint and texture, a sense of movement and emotion, subtle colors that are difficult to read but beautiful and intriguing. You’d have to stare at it for a long time and would be able to see different meanings depending on the light, your mood, the angle, etc.
I think mine would be like a Spring garden, slightly structured, over grown and wild, full of things heard but not seen, full of noise and colour and light and dark and potholes and weeds and flowers and bees and ... oh, yes, one or two or three people, also slightly untamed.
Wow, what beautiful, thought provoking visual descriptions of your writing @georginaK @CageSage . Now how about a caption.

Imagine someone wants to publish an anthology of your complete works- what caption would the publisher place under that image?

And just in case that actually happens, you have it all ready for them, since publishers usually asks the author to write the blurb.
A rowing boat on a moonlit river. A figure in the boat, resting on the oars, waiting mid-channel. Waiting for whom and for what?
A caption? How about:

What is seen on the surface isn't even half the story -
beware taking the vision at face value
One of my two current WIPs has morphed into Salvador Dali's 'Persistence of Memory'. I am trying you bend it back into shape, but it is annoyingly stubborn and simply won't have it.
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Help Please! Deaf sensitivity reader?