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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
Those members who wanted a sneak preview a few days ago will not be surprised… for other members, I hope the restrained design will be easy on your eyes, and make the Colony even more congenial for you!

The basic functionality has not changed much, but as always, there may be bugs so please let me have any reports below.
@AgentPete You probably know this but it may be worth mentioning that the YouTube button is missing from the header + litopia.com/vote and /voices are not available.
PS Just noticed the far right square before the member's photo goes to you tube but may be best to label it.
YouTube button is missing from the header
Steve, you can find the YouTube in the top bar, where the upgrade and chat is. There's a small right arrow. If you click on it, YT header should pop up together with the about button.

I can't see the voting either though.
Yeah, found it but it's not very clear that the header also scrolls. Many visitors will not see you tube and that is a major thing for Litopia certainly more important than CHAT which is never used except during a You Tube broadcast. For me no problem but You Tube/Pop Ups is a big deal for Litopia. Maybe the Text in the header should be smaller to allow everything to be visible.
Yes, I was fooled initially then spotted the little arrow. But as Steve says YouTube is a great way to drive traffic and thus new members to Litopia.
Perhaps if the bar could be reconfigured and swap the position of YouTube & Chat.

I can’t find voting either
Just had another delve and you can still find voting at the top of the chatroom page as before. The link to this week's vote is still working.

That's the only place I've ever accessed it from - but I suspect there might be another access point (for non Litopians) that @Steve C @Barbara are referring to?
Talking of navigating this place I am pretty sure my subscription is due anytime soon but can't find where to check/renew it. Anyone know?
@Steve C you can access it from your own profile. There’s a drop down option at top of site by your loginAccount.png
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@Steve C & @Jonny , are you on PC or mobile device? On mobile, it's v "clean", but YT is immediately accessible using the the dots on the right hand too side of the screen. I'll check on PC on a bit.

@Barbara , have my coat in hand too... Is there another place to vote other than in the chat room?!
Re renewing subs I looked at the upgrade page and right down the bottom I found a note with my end date (22 nd July) and a button saying CANCEL.So I presume unless I cancel it auto resubscribes? Anyone had experience of this?
Yeah, seen that but nowhere can I see when I joined and how/when to renew my account sub. There doesn't seem to be any info on renewal dates or how to pay
Steve, you're on a yearly sub - thank you - and it will renew on Jul 22nd. p.
I think it auto-subscribes. Are you doing it through PayPal? If so, it will auto renew until you cancel it.

There are two main ways of subscribing, monthly recurring and yearly recurring. For those people who don’t like PayPal, and there are quite a few, we have an alternative credit card processor, Stripe.

The yearly sub has a useful 15%+ discount compared to the monthly plan. As far as cancelling is concerned, you can either do it from the Account Upgrade Control Panel or simply cancel from within your PayPal account.

Additionally, we’ve now got a new non-recurring six-month subscription. This does not automatically renew, i.e. once the six-month period is up, you’ll have to take out a fresh subscription plan to avoid being downgraded.

I hope this will be particularly useful for those dipping their toes in the water here, and also as a convenient way to gift another member an upgrade. In fact, we’ll be sending a mailing out soon featuring this… together with a special offer!

Appreciate the feedback on the new Colony design, we’ll attend to all points raised.

Focus will soon shift to the “outer” website (which still has the old design).

:) p.
There are two main ways of subscribing, monthly recurring and yearly recurring
Yeah, I must have yearly recurring. However, I cancel all recurring payments from paypal as a matter of course. I don't trust myself to remember to do so later if I don't want to pay for something twice. I guess I will have to rejoin/upgrade one my membership expires.
Add me to the 'I like it' pile. Very modern and uncluttered. No glitches found yet, but I'll carry on wandering around.
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