Help Please! This is affecting my writing.

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I can't eat dairy, so I may chalk that down as being one of my life's great blessings. Cheese and Ferreros would surely be a recipe for disaster (delicious and all as it would be :p)

I made Sloe and Vanilla vodka though and am imploring myself to not replace one addiction for another when the Fererros run out...
12 mince pies and counting. Apparently, eating 12 mince pies is goood luck. I'm aiming for 24.

Chocolate? What chocolate? Ah, yes, I ate it all.

@Rainbird , the only way to stop eating all the Ferreros is to eat them in one go today. Sorted. All gone. You will stop eating them as of afterwards.

When I was growing up, my mum used to say: 'Eat up, and it'll be sunny tomorrow.' So let's get munching, folks, the weather is rubbish.
One last blast tonight, topped off with a cheeky Chicken vindaloo. And despite some serious ethical reservations about the entire concept, a couple of days of a strictly vegan diet might be what the doctor ordered. Planning on going full on Carnivore at some stage in 2019 but suspect that I need to have a good old clear out first! And if that thought does not help you give up eating, then I aint' sure what will.
I haven't eaten sugar in 2 years, and now... :eek: But on the positive side of things, at least I know WHY I stopped eating sugar in the first place!!! Roll on 2019 and empty boxes of golden balls of nutty perfection...
I'll blame you for my excessive nuttiness in 2019, ok?
That's perfectly fine, @Rainbird , as long as you blame me for your genius too.

I had an evening of frantic ice cream eating. My freezer seems to have made a new year’s resolution: to retire for good.

Now onwards to the defrosted sprouts. I found them at the bottom, under some ice. I'm worried they may be from 1998, from when I bought the freezer.

Not open for further replies.