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This Friday, Daisy Waugh, prolific columnist (Times, Sunday Times, Independent...) and author of, like, more books than I have fingers (10) is coming on Litopia After Dark. If you have any questions for her, please do post them in this thread and we will do our best to work them in. Spicy is good!

Ostensibly Daisy will be promoting her new book Honeyville, a historical novel set in 1913 Trinidad, Colorado, the only town at the time where prostitution is legal-- I'm a few chapters in and still reading, which is something...
But she's also written on motherhood, screenwriting, city and country life, property, restaurants...
Plus she is the grand-daughter of some dude called Evelyn Waugh? 'Parently some famous writer guy...?
Her web-page
Will post an alert once the interview is broadcast!
many thanks!

requisite dog pic for emotional blackmail purposes here: P1040616.JPG
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I've read it, and I don't know if this was Daisy's start point with Honeyville, but it skirts a very terrible true story indeed,
I understand Daisy is researching might like to ask her about that, says this professional reader.

Nice! I'm (glancingly) familiar with the Ludlow massacre but I had no idea about the Tarot angle-- would definitely like to 'go there'. How did you find out?
I tweet about Tarot, sometimes. We have been in contact via Twitter :)

She'll be a great interviewee, I bet. Honeyville is more sad than spicy, though.
Thanks, Katie! Asked and answered-- an atheist who loves the Tarot, who knew? (doesn't have, really wants an Aleister Crowley deck, which my wife uses). Me I'm a big softie and loves the art on my (earth-free and ungrounded) Osho Zen deck (don't start!)
Overmatched again intellectually but really liked Daisy-- feisty, fun and razor sharp.
Also (and this is the bitchy part) thanks for being the only one in this, erm, writer's colony with a question for the prolific and critically acclaimed author grand-daughter of Evelyn Waugh, daughter of prodigious author/journalists on both sides etc. You are a bridge between worlds.
A the Tarot :) I'm not dissing your Osho Zen deck. I mostly use The Marseilles, Golden Tarot and Gilded Tarot decks. The Crowley deck is beautiful, absolutely stunning, but I can't be doing with him, the twerp.
I don't 'ground' my decks, no rituals. The oracle is the ancient self. Pull and speak, pull and speak, shoot from the hip :) Yesterday it was a reading for someone about an aid convoy to the Sahara.
Atheist...well, reading Tarot requires no faith or belief of any kind to do. I hold no spiritual or religious brief, myself. Never a dull day as a full time reader...I think it comes from the same Hades as novel writing.

I look forward to hearing the interview! And tweeting it.
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But we can't talk possibly Tarot without a good old sepulchral dose of the legend that is Christopher Lee...

Tarot is not supernatural. It is a card system learned for it's value in helping the reader more precisely interpret their intuitive impressions.
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(doesn't have, really wants an Aleister Crowley deck, which my wife uses
Is that the thoth tarot deck? If so I thought that deck was beautifully illustrated, I haven't used mine for a few years now though :(
Make sure to ask Agent Pete-- just to see his head explode!
(translation: it's ready when it's ready, end of the year chaos permitting x)
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