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Flash Club Contest! October Flash Club is now open

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October’s Flash Club is now open. As you can see the fabulous Agent Pete has made some changes so everyone can now be anonymous.

So here's what's new: To enter the competition, simply go to Make Your Entry Here and scroll down. You will find an area where you can post your work. There's a 'Nom De Plume' box for the entrant’s name. Don't put your real name. Instead, please use a pseudonym. You can choose any pseudonym you like. Add your entry underneath, then click 'post reply' to submit.

We still need your votes. To vote, press the 'like' button as before.

At the end of the month, I will count up the 'likes' to determine the winner. I will then announce the pseudonym of the winner. The winner will then need to declare themselves, as in: 'Hey, it's me. I’m XYZ. I won. I won!!!!!'

So have a go. You’ll find this month’s prompt in the Flash Club here.

Have fun.
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