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  1. CageSage

    The Call to Magic: Novitiate

    Awaken, spirit of Maiden, vessel of a pure soul and bearer of an empath’s heart. Aventi sends out the call for a new Maiden. If she doesn’t get a replacement, magic will leave her. If that happens, she can’t heal, and her soul remains blemished forever. Please, she begs, feel your truth. But...
  2. Katie-Ellen

    Review A Dark Song (2016)

    Title: A Dark Song (2016) Tagline: Not everything can be forgiven. Genre: Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery Director: Liam Gavin Cast: Catherine Walker, Steve Oram, Mark Huberman, Susan Loughnane, Nathan Vos, Martina Nunvarova, Breffni O'Connor, Sheila Moloney Release: 2016-10-14...
  3. Katie-Ellen

    Good Horror Writing

    'Horror is best when it’s about tragedy in its truest and most theatrical form: tragedy is born through character flaws, through bad choices, through grave missteps.' From a blog by Chuck Wendig; Terrible Minds Some of us here write horror stories, or stories on the cusp. Have you ever...
  4. Katie-Ellen

    Oh, the horror of it...

    On such a warm and sunny afternoon as today...9 agents on the lookout for horror. Right now. Literary agents seeking horror: A and YA, psychological & classic