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Who reads fantasy and science fiction? SFF reader research

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Oct 3, 2018
Charlottesville, VA
Hello, I am new to Litopia, well really any writing forum. I've been part of car forums and triathlon forums but never writing forums. Where should I start to get acclimated? If you were coming here for the first time, what would you find most helpful? My goals are to help improve my writing craft, to talk to others who understand the need to write, and to generally connect with others. Years ago I was published a few times with small articles online and in print (it was still a thing back then) but never published in anything longer than a few thousand words. I have written a few novels, three of which I think are good.

I am not sure how I can help the community. I do have an MBA in Entrepreneurship so if anyone needs business advice I'll give what I can. I can also make complex Excel spreadsheets if anyone needs one of those. :)

Thank you for any and all advice. I look forward to getting to know some of you.

Welcome! If I were you, I'd just spend some time looking around the forum. Find a dark corner to lurk in.
Welcome, Trevor. Yeah, just dive in; look around, and acclimatise yourself. You'll see that you can find great advice here as well as wonderful people with much talent.

Cafe Live is where most happens. The Back Room is for more private discussions. Check out the Writing WIKI for some great articles by Carol. And maybe have a go at the Flash Fiction? I find the Flash F useful as it makes me write stuff I normally wouldn't attempt. The Writing Groups is one of the most useful things ever.

I hope you can join us on the pop-ups on a Sunday, where you can watch Pete go through his submissions. They are very informative, and the accompaning live chatroom is fun as well a large bucket of collective knowlege.

Enjoy your time here.

Oh, and I might just have to plug into your business knowledge sometime.
Welcome! Enjoy your stay. Litopia is a very friendly bunch of writers, so feel free to join in on a thread that catches your interest :)
Hiya Trevor!
Ooh, complex Excels..... now THAT is a very useful skill. I've only really started using spreadsheets in the last year or two and am finding them strangely satisfying....
Welcome, Trevor. I'm returning to Litopia after a long absence – packed up everything and moved to Spain, almost went mad in the process – so I feel like a newbie again. There's a lot to like here, I'm sure you'll love it.
Not open for further replies.

Who reads fantasy and science fiction? SFF reader research

News Over one million books self-published in the US in 2017