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Aug 24, 2014
It is quite easy to find out which Agent represents which Author from their website. However what about the other way around? Author to Agent?
Say, for example, you have finished your novel. It is a gothic love story in similar in vein to novels by Author X. It might be good therefore to send a submission to Author X's Agent as he/ she may be interested / looking for similar types of novel. If he/she was interested in Author X he/she may be interested in your work.

I have tried looking on a few authors' websites, but, at least on the sites I researched, I couldn't see any mention of their Agent's name.

Reading through something like Writers and Artists Yearbook is pretty time-consuming. I am not aware that there is a digital version that could be easily searched?

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Online, but I'm not sure about the searches.
I had a quick look at the Society of Authors. They have a member list. Might prove fruitful.

Or the author's social media profiles; again under contact, or a xmas photo with a caption 'me and my agent'.
I'm assuming you've checked the 'contact' page of the author's website? They sometimes put the agent's details.

Or just ask them.

1) Yes, but couldn't see any details on the few I looked at.
2) Good idea, but not sure how long it would take toe receive a response
Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, etc. Give yourself an hour of focussed searching and you'll find what you're looking for. I've found several simply by typing 'who is X's agent?' straight into Google.

I should add that my method is a bit of a breadcrumb trail: e.g. you find an article that mentions a book deal, you do another search on that deal, which gives you a name, which leads you to the agent's website, etc.
Check if the author mentions their agent on an acknowledgement page in their book. If you don't own the book, visit Amazon and click 'look inside' on the softback or hardback version, then enter 'agent' in the search box. If it doesn't let you preview those pages, you could check the book in a bookshop / library.
@Eva Ulian - thank you, you're right, that's just what I am looking for, you're a star!

and thanks to everyone who responded above, some really good suggestions.
If you read the acknowledgements in the book, they usually give a shout out to their agent. That's how I find out who's representing the authors I like.
An easily searchable version probably doesn't exist as agents may feel that it would be sharing competitive information with fellow agents. Most companies don't present full lists of their clients in case competitors target them and pinch clients.
A few other resources I've found. You might already know of these, but I'll put them here in case they are of use to others:

Poets&Writers Literary Agents Database
The Official Manuscript Wish List & #MSWL ® Website --> I use this one a lot and it's accompanying #MSWL on Twitter.
Publishers Marketplace --> I use this more for checking up agents/publishers track record. Some of the information is free for general viewing, sometimes it is gated with a login. Agents sometimes link to their profiles, which helps.
Bewares, Recommendations & Background Check --> can sometimes be useful for background checking agents and publishers. I find the best way to find something in this forum is to Google the agent/publisher name + Absolute write.
And good old Writers Beware: WRITER BEWARE® - SFWA
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