March Update

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
A quick update from me, looking ahead for the next month...

It’s very nice to see a steady trickle of new writers discovering Litopia. We’ve been a well-kept secret for far too long. Heaven forbid that we should ever become the size of a Wattpad-style operation (I don’t even like typing that word!) but we do need a few more members in order to become sustainable, so please spread the word among your peers.

Pop-Ups Catch Up March Edition

We receive too many entries for Pop-Up Submissions to have them all on the show, especially in a timely manner, so our answer has been to create a Litopians-only event whose task is to sort out the best submissions and put them forward. I have to say that the two Catch-Ups we’ve done so far have been highly successful and very enjoyable. There are no frills – it’s simply you, me and a bunch of submissions. So please join me in the Litopia chat room for the next Catch-Up on Saturday 7th March.

Litopia Writers’ Huddle, Saturday 21st March

This regular monthly event is even more secretive than Catch-Ups above! Limited to just ten participants, we can address anything you’d like to – your work-in-progress, your pitch (you can pitch to me if you want!) and anything else on your writerly agenda. This is not a YouTube event (we use our own private conferencing system) nor does it use the Litopia chat room. The only rule is – what happens in the Huddle stays in the Huddle. So no recordings! I’m more than open to running several Huddles a month, if the demand is there. Click here to book. Priority booking is only open to Full Members at the moment (so upgrade!) - I'll let you know when it's open to all members.

Flex Your Vocal Talent!

We have a terrific team of narrators on Pop-Ups, and we’re always open to new members joining. If you’d like to have a go, please send me a test narration (mp3 file) so I can judge the technical quality.

The Marketplace

A reminder that members are more than welcome to advertise their wares (books… chattels… services) in The Marketplace. Do browse it from time to time, you’d be surprised what you might find...

:) p.
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