March Flash Club is now open - guest hosted by Emily

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Nov 10, 2017
The Flash Club this month will be a little different. Our lovely @Emily will guest host and take you onto an art challenge. To participate simply go to the March Flash Club or follow this link. Emily will explain more there.


Over to you @Emily.
Thank you, Barbara :) :heart:

Our **Daily Challenge** March Flash Club starts today! This is a timely way to challenge and kickstart any lethargic creativity…. To put a spring in your creative step ;)

This is The Plan:

Below, I’m posting thirty-one words, one for each day of the month. I challenge you to stretch your creative muscles - in words, photography, painting, cakes, interpretive dance; whatever your chosen medium, anything as long as it is your own creation - and allow that prompt of the day to inspire you artistically.

Post it in the March Flash Club thread, using the “Word of the Day” as the title of your work or at least refer to it in your entry, so everyone sees which one it relates to.

And never fear: should you need it, know that I shall be here, daily, with my whip words of encouragement and large slices of virtual Litopicake.

I’m so looking forward to this :D

Prompt Words for March Challenge:

  1. Distil
  2. Melody
  3. Sacred
  4. Breathe
  5. Witness
  6. Nourish
  7. Walk
  8. Yellow
  9. Fish
  10. Gold
  11. Bright
  12. Water
  13. New Moon
  14. Dawn
  15. Morning
  16. Portal
  17. Green
  18. Sky
  19. Dusk
  20. Equinox
  21. Bud
  22. Leaves
  23. Happiness
  24. Lines
  25. Magic
  26. Spring
  27. Triangles
  28. Super moon
  29. Ramble
  30. Constellation
  31. Soul


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The prompt for today, 2nd of March is Melody.

A haiku? Piece of audio? Sketch? Short story? Unleash your melodious wonders HERE, please :)
Oops... I mustn't have pressed "post reply" yesterday!! Apologies!

Day 10's prompt (yesterday) was Gold

Today's prompt, on day 11, is Bright :)

Looking forward to seeing your entries HERE
Begorrah to be sure, to be sure and all that... today's prompt -unsurprisingly!- is Green.

Looking forward to seeing your entries HERE :)
Our penultimate prompt is Constellation.

Post your entries HERE

Please check out all the entries and vote! We're closing the voting tomorrow and will announce the winner on Thursday :)
Not open for further replies.

Jumping the Shark

Amusement How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety