Last Huddle. What did you learn?

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Steve C

Mar 1, 2019
I know how much can be learned from these gatherings so thought it would be an idea if those who attended could pass on here what stood out for them. That way we all get to learn. Nothing in great detail needed but a few bullet points/ anything new that stuck with you would be great.
Please reply with the diamonds from last night.
Personally, I couldn't share anything. It's hard to summarise these evenings or even to pinpoint specifics. The advice is so individual, yet it's so abundant. The diamonds are in context of the work on show, and also people may not want their work to be referred to on here. So I guess, the main thing I can pass on is that taking part is the best thing to do. THE. HUDDLES. ARE. FAB!

Oh, and, put plenty of time aside if you attend.
I can only concur with my August colleagues above. It is very helpful on a personal level. I think the one thing that came out of the huddle for me, on a general level, was prudence with words. But Rachel and Barbara are right, it’s a microscope on each individual's work.
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The chance to buttonhole an agent directly and get his immediate feedback is invaluable. Getting first-hand advice on what does and doesn't work in your query letter, for example. Whether or not a synopsis or blurb is hitting the mark. But not generalised pointers, actual bespoke suggestions.
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