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Dec 22, 2018
United States
I may be approaching Peak Membership.

I admit that I'm a joiner. I tend to do things that no one else in my family or circle of friends does so I join clubs to learn, test out my interest, learn how to be safe, maybe meet people with more experience from whom I can gain knowledge. Kayaking. Canoeing. SCUBA. Sailing. Photography. Amateur radio. Writing.

I belong to a number of writing associations. I do try to limit my memberships to those that are directly related to my writing interests or those that I want to support because of their legislative activities. How do you get the most out of these memberships? A number of them have mentor programs that I'm mentally working my way up to participating in. So that's one way. I attend an annual conference sponsored by a local writing group and may attend others. The periodicals are piling up next to my pile (electronic these days) of New Yorker magazines. I just don't have enough time to read everything but I do skim the table of contents in case there's something I want to dive into right away.

I think I'm a little embarrassed to list all my memberships.

Can any of you share how a writing association has helped and in what way?
I've been a member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America) for a long time, and I've belonged to local and online chapters of that organization. They've been invaluable to me as a writer in terms of friendship, networking, critique partners, keeping abreast of developments in the publishing industry, contacts, and education about the industry and the craft.
Another kayaker and writer here! And definately a joiner too. I am a member of numerous writing groups, both online and in real life. I've been a member of 2 writing associations - the first was a bit of a waste of time (and money). It claimed it was a national writing association but never ran anything in my home city. The second national association has been better by far but it is still early days to see if it has been money well spent.

But to be honest, the most useful writing groups I've been part of is this one, a couple of very supportive Facebook groups, my local writers meetup group, and my previous local group that I attended before I moved.
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