I am new here

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Mar 3, 2018
United Kingdom
Greetings, fellow Litopians.

At the suggestion of AgentPete, who I suspect is the creator of this website, I have at last managed to find this café.

An introduction, then. My name is James and I am an amateur writer. I have not yet written any books, much less published them, but it is an aspiration that is hopefully not too far in the future. Although the manuscript currently stands at a measly 7,000 words, I am a persistent fellow.

I'm not sure what else to say. Alright, then.

I look forward to meeting everyone on here.

Hello and welcome. This is where you learn how to do it, and where you can share your frustration with trying to get published! I'm stuck at present, but if and when I get unstuck and offer up something for review, I know I will get the best advice. Good luck with your project.
Hi James. I'm also a newby of a week or so. I'm thinking about how best to use the site - i.e. rather than a distraction to take me away from my own writing - but use it in a constructive frame of mind. I'm currently reading Darke by Rick Gekoski - the guy's first novel and he's in his 70's! Don't really want to wait that long, but I admire his perserverance ...
Not open for further replies.