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Jon Keevy

Jan 30, 2019
South Africa
Hello All, I'm new here. I thought I should wave before poking about into all these very interesting looking threads. I'm a freelance writer who mostly does theatre but has recently wandered into computer games as well. I took some time last year to finally write the novel I've been kicking to the backburner for the last five years, now I'm trying to figure out how to polish it and sell it. I'm looking forward to combing through the great advice the colony has.
Welcome to the Colony. Theatre? Fab. I love plays. I used to be (still am occ) a thesp. What kind of stuff do you write for the stage?

A bit of everything, from sketch comedy to drama. But my most successful stuff has been in theatre for young audiences - we've got a really robust and active scene around it and it's given me a lot of opportunities. Besides that my day job is manager of a very small theatre in Cape Town. How do you feel thesping influenced your writing?
Wow, your theatre work is very varied. Impressive.

How do you feel thesping influenced your writing?

It does, especially when writing dialogue. I also add very deliberate 'stage directions' to my characters when they chat. I ask myself: what would I do if I played that part? I've occasionally acted it out, much to the bewilderment of my cat.

I'm a method actor, and I try to integrate it into the writing. Subtext, characterisation. I sometimes break a chapter down into units and objectives. Helps a ton for staying focussed on the character's goals and motivations. I do however find it a lot harder to write character progression as opposed to acting it. Sometimes when I write, I feel a bit blind, if that makes sense. I'm not sure if what I want to show actually comes across through words. Much easier with body language.

I took part in a Meisner workshop once. Now that was interesting, and rather useful for writing.
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