1. Rich.

    What did I miss?

    Hi everyone, I've been more or less away since just before Christmas – life and all that. I'm now more or less back. I see I've missed out on greeting a whole bunch of new members, so I'll do that now. Hi there! I'm @Rich., the Writing Groups Guardian. Welcome to Litopia! @DRFerron, @halion...
  2. Jon Keevy

    Hello there

    Hello All, I'm new here. I thought I should wave before poking about into all these very interesting looking threads. I'm a freelance writer who mostly does theatre but has recently wandered into computer games as well. I took some time last year to finally write the novel I've been kicking to...
  3. ghuffman

    Hi Everyone

    Hello! I'm happy to have found this corner of the writing world! My name's Geoff, and I'm new here. I've been writing my first novel for years, breaking in between for some pretty monstrous, unrelated projects. I'm on the second draft of Apostasy and Rose, a low fantasy thriller, and I'm proud...
  4. Laura Lee

    Greetings from a new member

    Hi, writers! Glad to be here. Wondering if there are other poets here. I write mainly poetry, but with a strong narrative element. I even write dramatic monologues, which are so out of fashion--I know that. But I love the combination of poetic, dramatic, and fictional elements. I do write...
  5. wendy maryla

    Greetings from Wendy

    Hello, I've just joined Litopia and am looking forward to meeting fellow-writers. I work in international education, but my true passion is, and always has been, writing. I have been agented before, but seem to be jinxed in that department ... my last literary agent had to close down his...
  6. Robert Boscott


    Hello I have never done anything like this before but my wife thought it would be good for me to talk with other writers rather than living in my own little cupboard. I am an author trying to get published. I have written a book about living with disability called Myrtle's Progress. This is...
  7. T


    Hi I am Tim. I write and perform and have been a jack of all trades for a while. I have two tv series in developmemt witb an indi producer, a novel I am trying to place and a couple of completed screenplaya to sell. I was being represented by outlaw literary agents, but they have gone into...
  8. Rita Stradling

    Introducing myself

    Hello! So, I accidentally introduced myself on Haydn’s thread, not really understanding how this works. Oops! But anyway, I want to introduce myself in the right way (hopefully I’m doing it this time). My name is Rita. I’m a self-published author of ten books (Romance, YA Paranormal, YA Urban...
  9. A

    Nice to meet you all!

    Hello folks, Nice to join you all on here. I had to think a bit too hard about the verification question so relieved to have got it right! My name is Andrew Carter, I'm a twenty-nine year old writer from Leeds, England. (Well, I say 'writer,' - it's not my job, I actually work in social...