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Forthcoming on Litopia

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Capo Famiglia
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Even though it’s summer, a lot is happening on the public-facing side of Litopia. In the next few weeks, you’ll be able to get upclose and very personal with these stunning guests on our shows...

  • · Channel Four News International Editor Lindsey Hilsum about her life in the line of fire
  • · Dennis Stratton former lead guitarist of Iron Maiden, who will be spilling the beans on one of the world’s biggest rock bands
  • · Psychologist and memeticist Dr. Susan Blackmore, on Richard Dawkins and atheism
  • · Legendary ska star Neville Staple, of The Specials, Funboy Three and many other bands from my dissipated youth J
  • · Former SAS officer Ben Griffin, talking about his dirty war in Iraq
  • · Professor Roger Scruton, on falling out of love with Maggie Thatcher and David Cameron
  • · Singer and actress Patti Boulaye on surviving the Biafran war
Please help us spread the word, and build the listeners, for all our shows!
Not open for further replies.