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Oct 19, 2014
I am starting this thread, purely because I feel the need to but the truth is that as things stand, I don't have any concrete ones.

So for the time being, then it is a case of having as a goal, the act of setting a goal. Which I am sure does not quite scan kosher but it is a Friday night, I have been up in town all day with some old, old chums and I am truly creamy crackered.
Goal number one is to restart the query process on Paige 99, round 3.

Goal number two, I'm trying to decide whether to devote real focus on a Sc-Fi Noir piece called, "Indifference" that I am two-and three-quarters chapters into, or a Paranormal-Horror one called "The Wildes of New England", which is a novel built of interwoven short stories chronicling a brother-sister demon-hunting team that I am two full stories into.
Goal number one: start my next novel. All I have is a title and an idea, and I'm itching to go. Not that I'm procrastinating, but I'm feedback-ing my friends' works.

Goal number two: start a new business aimed at writer's.

Goal number three: Squats, squats and more squats. Skiing season is ahead.

Happy goal fulfilling, everyone.
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I've started a new series, and my goal is to submit the first book in it to Evernight this month. :)

I'm also going to submit the first ten pages of my women's fiction novel to @AgentPete for the next pop-up submissions in January, when they open up again for submissions. There. I put it out there. Now I *have* to do it! :eek:
I've been reading through my four Cornish Detective novels, as a reminder of the characters and the state of mind of my protagonist, as he begins the fifth investigation. The Dead Need Nobody should be complete by June next year.

I'm also going to make a submission to the digital publisher Bookoutre.
I'm going to submit anew those short stories that were not accepted; get back to work on the first draft of book 2 in my second trilogy; and working with my terrific new narrator, finish the audiobook for Secrets, Lies & Homicide, book 2 in trilogy 1, for release in January. And then there is the book in the drawer, demanding attention.

Considering all the demands the holidays put on people in December, all I can say is good luck to us all.
I'm nearly finished with my December goals--I only have until the 17th, and then we're off on a summer adventure. I won't get back to my desk until after the beginning of the new year (my office will be occupied by guests until then). But I am vaguely hoping to write a couple of short stories over the break while lounging on scenic beaches and sitting on the flanks of volcanoes.
I'm doing a December Nano and crossing my fingers. I want to finish a manuscript.... one that I like. The holidays aren't the best time for me. So, I'm going to stay away from holiday crowds and holiday things in general and write. At least, that's the plan.
I don't have time for goals! That might be bad, but practical. However, as I've now finished my latest, and 10th novel, I'm pretty happy when work has me so busy. Guess my goal is to now edit it half a dozen times, get it proof read and find the right agent to submit to. If this rains keeps up, I can have a break from work, and attend to my preferred occupation of writing. :D
Back on track. Have to finish my WIP otherwise it will eat away at me. Then I have 3 first drafts to knock into shape. But until this current WIP has those two most beautiful words in any writers lexicon placed in the final chapter, I cannot even think about settling down to the real nitty gritty of the business with regards to the task in hand of making what I have lined up readable.
End of the month and its been a disjointed one. Got hung up on a specific piece of research that I should not have and its thrown me out of my rhythm so have not kept to my target word count. Need to up my game in January although over-all, 2017 has been a productive one. Went from March 1st to November 30th and managed to hit my word count on every single day. All first draft baloney mind you but even so, was rather pleased with that. Need to make 2018 even better!
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I Don't Get It!

Pop-Ups are Back..