Change to the Way You Take Part in Pop-Ups

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Welcome… I’m New Here! Hi, fellow Litopians

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
There’s a slight change to the way you take part in Pop-Ups, starting this Sunday.

On the Vote page, there are now two embedded video players.

* The big one at the top of the page shows the live transmission of Pop-Up Submissions as it's broadcast on YouTube. This is where you’ll watch Pop-Ups as it’s broadcast live – but it won’t start until the top of the hour, 5pm UK / 12 noon Eastern / 4am Wellington etc. The Genius Room pre-show will no longer be part of the YouTube live stream. This will avoid any need to put the show through YouTube’s post-show editing/mangling machine that's caused us a lot of problems.

* Further down the page, you’ll now see another player. It’s quite small (if you’re on a desktop) but you can actually “pop-out” the player and make it any size you want. This streams the live pre-show (from Twitch, in fact). This is just for Genius Room members and starts about 30 minutes before the main show (4:30pm UK).

The live pre-show stream automatically stops when the main YouTube stream starts, so have them both open and playing and you won’t miss anything!

Please ask me if anything isn’t clear.
Oh. Ah. I'll have to work out how to get onto Litopia on my tablet again. For some reason it stopped letting me so I watched the feed on youtube on the tablet and the chat on my laptop so I could see both at the same time without shrinking the chat or the extract by doing the split screen. I'll work it out. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Hope everyone found their way around the new G-Room pre-show system today. Please leave any comments / suggestions here.

Splitting the pre-show and the main show into two different feeds isn’t the most convenient way for you to watch & take part: but it does prevent the need to trim the final recording on YouTube, with all the associated tech mess that currently involves (from YouTube, not our end).

If everyone’s OK with it, we’ll leave the new system in place… if not, we’ll improve it.

:) p.
It seemed to work fine, Pete, once we got into the swing of it. :)
Not open for further replies.

News Lunate is looking for short stories (2-5K)

Welcome… I’m New Here! Hi, fellow Litopians